About us

i-Vertix is a young Italian company specialized in enterprise solutions for the IT infrastructure management.

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals with more than 20 years of experiene in the field. We listen to our clients and understand the real needs of their operations. As such, we provide tailored solutions to ensure the users get exactly what they need.

Our motivation is driven by our customers’ satisfaction: therefore, our team is passionate about creating excellent solutions in the areas of IT Network Monitoring & Management, Log Management and IT Asset Management.

We believe that bringing our knowledge and expertise into our products is key to guaranteeing the highest possible degree of efficiency and effectiveness.

Our values


Our vision

We want to create flexible solutions that increase the End User’s Experience and simplify the management of our customer’s IT infrastructure including the anticipation of future trends and requirements.

With our team of enthusiastic IT experts, we combine a professional attitude and an open mindset with a flexible and hands-on approach.

i-Vertix is your trusted partner, who stands for simplicity, transparency and reliability. These values are core to our corporate philosophy.

What they say about us

Marco Zennaro - Service Manager

“In i-Vertix, we found a very flexible solution, simple and intuitive to use. Since the beginning of our partnership, we have professionally carried on several projects, fulfilling all our and our clients’ needs.”

Antonio Iacomino - Corporate IT Security Manager

“The introduction of i-Vertix inside our IT infrastructure has been an ambitious and interesting challenge. The project initially started with the need to meet specific regulatory requirements, although we soon realized the potential we had in our hands: log centralization and normalization and great consultation and data processing speed for statistics and reports. In other words, an increased agility in day-to-day operations combined with impressive simplicity and clear results.”

Gianandrea Gobbo - Head of IT Department

“In order to reduce the complexity of the numerous Monitoring and Logging flows, Solari di Udine met the i-Vertix solutions, which proved to be goal-oriented and flexible. However, technology is only one side of the powerful combination for success. Quick, pragmatic and punctual: the i-Vertix Team definitely is an added value that makes this partnership deeply satisfying for our company.”

Michael Darocca - Managing Director BVG Italy

“Being able to implement i-Vertix using the MSP mode represents a huge strategic benefit for us. It gives us the opportunity to offer and implement it with our existing client portfolio of System Integrators and Service Providers. From the very beginning, i-Vertix has always shown great professionalism, motivating us and making us proud of every project we have worked on.”

Paolo Tombolato, Head of IT & Cloud Services

“Right after the introduction of i-Vertix, we immediately started to appreciate the benefits of such a flexible log management platform. Through simple dashboards, we can keep track of data coming from hundreds of systems, identifying unusual behaviours in real-time. This tool not only meets the requirements of the regulations but represents to us a real improvement of the overall security of the managed systems.”

Our mission

In a sector where complexity increases every day, we constantly seek to discover new ways to simplicity.

i-Vertix provides tailored solutions that guarantee a high performing IT environment with a limited involvement of resources.

We implement this principle by offering solutions that enable the digital transformation across all business areas. At the same time, we focus on the essential.

i-Vertix is ready to take on this challange!

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